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Shipping Containers for Sale and Rent in Elgin, TX

Shipping and Storage Containers

Each of our new and used containers are carefully selected, guaranteeing that we provide the best quality, waterproof shipping and cargo containers in Elgin.

Check out our wide range of top-notch storage containers available now!

New Shipping Containers

At Steel Box, we are the leading provider of new shipping containers for sale and rent. Browse our wide selection of new containers perfect for moving or storing your stuff. Choose from different sizes like 20 feet, 40 feet, or even taller High Cube options. All of our containers are almost one-use containers and are super clean.  We’re eager to tailor your new shipping container to meet any specific requirements you may have, including customizations like windows, A/C, lights, and more.

Contact us today we’ll walk you through all of our available shipping containers!

Used Shipping Containers

If you’re looking for a used shipping container for temporary storage, moving stuff, or even as a home, Steelbox has what you need. Our used cargo containers come in 20’ and 40’. Our containers are built tough to protect your stuff. They come with strong seals and doors to keep out wind and water, and you won’t have to worry about any pests getting in. Each container is sturdy and safe, so whatever you put inside stays dry and secure.

Contact us to discuss your needs and find the perfect used container today!

Step by Step Guide to Finding Your Perfect Storage Container

Choose from a large selection of Shipping Containers in Elgin

New or Used

Handpick from our new and used containers.

High Cube or Standard

Choose Either a Standard Size or High Cube.

Additional Options

Customize with doors, windows, & A/C.

Place Your Order

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