Shipping Container Delivery

We can typically deliver your container within 1-3 business days, depending on your location and container availability.

Upon delivery, our trucks do require adequate space in order to access your location. Though we use 1-ton trucks with gooseneck trailers, our setup is similar in length to a semi-truck. From front to back, our rigs are about 65 feet in length, and the trailers alone are 48 feet. If you don't think a semi truck can fit in your location, we likely can't either.

Steelbox Storage Containers

Once we get the container where you'd like, they do not slide off our trailers. Our trailers tilt until the back hits the ground, and we drive out from under the container.

Steelbox Storage Containers

When we are unloading, we have to drive straight out from under the container. We cannot turn while unloading, or we risk the container falling off the side of the trailer. We require at least the full length of the truck and trailer in front of the container, plus room to turn, if necessary. We generally like about 100 feet of straight line distance in front of the container when unloading.

Austin Shipping Container Deliver