20′ One Trip Double Door (New)

20' One Trip Double Door (New)

20' One Trip Double Door (New)

20' One Trip Double Door containers have doors on both ends. One trip containers, also referred to as new containers, have been used one time to ship items from overseas to America. They are in excellent condition with minimal scratches and dents. One trip containers have waist high handles and externally mounted lock boxes. We keep limited stock on One Trip containers, so they may take up to an additional week for delivery.

Prices include delivery within 50 miles of our yard in Round Rock. Beyond 50 miles delivery distance, a delivery price will be calculated at checkout. Container modifications may add 2-6 weeks to delivery time.

In stock

Size:    20'L x 8'W x 8.5'H
Weight:    4,800 to 5,000 lbs
Condition:    One Trip New!

Call For Price

Modificati​ons Available

Paint exterior - includes surface rust removal and rust converter (+$1,200.00)

Lock Box (+$200.00)

Steel Walk Through Door (36" wide) (+$1 200.00)

Roll Up Door (6' Wide) (+$1,200.00)

Roll Up Door (8' Wide) (+$1,300.00)